Monday, February 2nd 2015_Our Publisher Pick Is Integrated Freight Corporation (IFCR), THE TURN AROUND STORY OF 2015, ABOUT TO UPDATE FILINGS SHOWING $20 MILLION IN REVENUES FOR BOTH 2013 and 2014, Revenues Projected For 2015 Are A Staggering $60 Million! NOW SUB PENNY INSAAAAANELY Undervalued!!


****Our Latest Publisher Pick is Integrated Freight Corp (IFCR) ****

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With over 1 million visitors to our blog and thousands of visitors daily, Sierra World Equity Review will be giving MASSIVE MULTIPLE DAY targeted audience exposure to our latest publisher pick Integrated Freight Corp (IFCR) one of the TOP TURN AROUND stories of 2015. Trading in the sub penny range, BUT after restructuring about to post revenues for each of the last two fiscal years of nearly $20 million or more per yearRevenues projected for 2015 are a staggering $60 Million! How many sub penny stocks have revenues like that, obviously the stock is completely undervalued presenting an opportunity to astute investors for significant gains by purchasing shares now!

 Highlights of why our publisher has initiated a position in Integrated Freight Corporation (IFCR):



-Integrated Freight Corporation (IFCR) provides long-haul, regional and local motor freight service. Trucking and transportation sectors are often overlooked by investors as boring, with gas prices declining to record 2 yrs lows huge profits (not boring) are out there to be had with the right stock…like the TOP TURN AROUND stock of 2015 Integrated Freight Corporation (IFCR)



January 28th 2015
 Integrated Freight Corp (IFCR) announced in an official press release that following a complex three year turnaround and restructuring process that they would:

A-Post revenues for EACH of the last two fiscal years of nearly $20 million or more! (For a penny stock those are HUGE numbers especially when the company posted losses in 2011 and 2012 totaling $21 million. What a turnaround, but it gets even better)

Revenues projected for 2015 are a staggering $60 Million!

Price Target

-Factoring the share structure and placing a value on the share price based upon these new revenue figures, the share price should be trading around 21 cents, right now it’s sub penny, NOW is the time to buy Integrated Freight Corp (IFCR) as the share price will follow the revenues UPWARDS!

B- Exhibit solidly profitable EBITDA results, comparable or above its peers, for both FYE March 31, 2013 and 2014.

C- Continue discussions to acquire more trucking companies within its traffic lanes (Growth and expansion coming here with ongoing discussions happening now!)

Current completed acquisitions:

Cross Creek Trucking, Inc. Medford,OR  2011 REVENUES = $27,953,333 (MILLIONS!!)

Morris Transportation, Inc. Hamberg AR 2011 REVENUES = $11,135,967 (MILLIONS!!) 

Smith Systems Transport, Inc. Scott’s Bluff, NE 2011 REVENUES = $7,691,400 (MILLIONS!!)


D-The company stated it is about to become fully reporting in a couple of days with the release of these audited SEC filings

January 30th 2015 Integrated Freight Corp (IFCR) announced that:

- It was continuing efforts to build shareholder value. 

-It was continued to settle debts with no toxic financing, “In no case was convertible debt raised to settle the claims” and with limited dilution to shareholders ( Very good news for the shareholders)

Integrated Freight Corp (IFCR) has an excellent share structure 200-400 million O/S with insiders owning 300 million and the float reputed to be approximately 100 million (This means the share price could rise very quickly)

Talented Management

David N. Fuselier is the CEO of IFCR 

(very impressive bio IFCR shareholders we are in VERY GOOD hands)

Mr. David N. Fuselier, also known as Dove, has been the Chief Executive Officer and Director of BioMedical Technology Solutions Holdings, Inc. since April 30, 2014. Mr. Fuselier has been the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Integrated Freight Corporation since August 2012. Mr. Fuselier has been the Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President of New Leaf Brands, Inc. since February 2012 and serves as its Chief Financial Officer and Principal Accounting Officer. He serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Key TL Holdings, Inc. Mr. Fuselier serves as the Principal of Fuselier and Co., a private merchant banking firm in engaged corporate turnarounds. He served as the Chief Accounting Officer at Integrated Freight Corporation. He was the Largest Independent Wholesaler of Texaco and Union Carbide Aviation Chemicals east of the Mississippi; supplying over 100 airports and most major and commuter airlines. He served as an Executive with Citibank’s Latin American Investment Bank, First Investor’s and TWA and for seven years operated Dove Aviation. He is a graduate of Louisiana State University in MSJ and Louisiana College in BA. 

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