Thursday October 30th 2014_Our Publisher Pick Is Healthy & Tasty Brands Corporation (GRLT) Is An Up To Date OTC Pink Stock With Earnings, You Don’t See Many Of Those Especially One Touted As The Next Chipotle!

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Our publisher pick is Healthy & Tasty Brands Corporation (GRLT)


Under the radar and poised for explosive growth, Healthy & Tasty Brands Corporation (GRLT), Goldman Small Cap Research stated “This new restaurant chain could be the next Chipotle.” Healthy & Tasty Brands Corporation (GRLT) is an up to date OTC pink stock with earnings, you don’t see many of those!!

Healthy & Tasty Brands Corporation (GRLT) is posting  big revenues, based in Miami, Fl they are expanding operations in multiple states generating franchise revenues and royalties. This year alone they have entered Tenneesee, Texas, Arizona, California and Nevada. In Texas alone “The grand plan for Texas calls for about 110 GRILLit restaurants.” Recently they signed a high profile joint venture with Miami based The Mia Fitness Team who have an international audience, this joint venture is expected to further increase revenues by 25% yet they are under the radar trading now at historic lows.


Goldman Small Cap Research estimates: “Going forward we believe that each corporate owned store will initially generate $800-900K and could eventually exceed the $1M mark while franchise locations will fall 15% below the average corporate sales figures. Therefore, in 5 years, GRLT could generate nearly $3M in royalties alone and a 10% operating margin on corporate owned stores.”


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Here are more reasons why Sierra’s Publisher has initiated a position in Healthy & Tasty Brands Corporation (GRLT) with information taken from Healthy & Tasty Brands Corporation (GRLT)  SEC filings, website, official press releases and from Goldman Small Cap Research:


Update: August 30th 2014: GRLT for the quarter ending June 30th 2014 posted revenues of almost $400 000 posting a net profit of $164 000. Excellent for a fledgling OTC pink traded stock!


Update: Thursday August 21st 2014: GRLT announced that its southwestern United States master franchisee operator, Texas Expansion Wing Group was beginning its franchise marketing campaign in Texas today, exhibiting at a major retail franchise forum, the “Retail Live!” exclusive retailer expo in Austin. Texas. The expo features participation of hundreds of franchisors, retail developers, and other related industry professionals, who are instrumental decision-makers in acquiring and developing new franchise concept. “We are now prepared to aggressively roll out our franchise marketing strategy throughout the southwestern United States, which commences today in the State of Texas,” stated Texas Expansion Wing Group’s president, Bill Roberts.  ”We will be hosting and presenting at numerous other similar events in the coming months in order to maximize the exposure of the GRILLiT brand to prospective franchisees and their consumers.”


Update: Wednesday August 20th 2014: GRLT announced today it was expanding operations into Colorado. In an official PR the company stated that an agreement has been reached for the sale of franchise rights in the State of Colorado”


For the quarter ending March 31st 2014 Healthy & Tasty Brands Corporation (GRLT) posted positive total revenues of $560,000, after operating expenses the company made a net profit of $392,000 for the quarter.


Healthy & Tasty Brands Corporation (GRLT) has a super low float of just over 12 million meaning that the share price could rise very quickly.


Goldman Small Cap Research stated ” When compared with peers Chipotle Mexican Grill (NYSE – CMG), Noodles, (NASDAQ – NDLS) and Panera Bread (NASDAQ – PNRA), which are trading at an average of 55x FY13 EPS and at an average of $4.5M per company store, GRLT appears attractive. Moreover, as the Company continues to grow and open new stores, we believe that GRLT will become a sought after takeover target due to its low-cost, high profit,innovative fast casual concept. Thus we rate GRLT Speculative Buy with an $8.00 intermediate term target price.”


Goldman Small Cap Research stated: “The typical GRILLiT store is around 1800 square feet on average with around 40-60 seats and food is ordered and served in a style similar to the wildly successful Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. (NYSE – CMG). While both firms employ a health-conscious approach to their menus, GRILLiT offers a different cuisine that includes sweeter fresh food that may have a citrus taste to reflect the Latin/Caribbean style. Moreover, GRILLiT has its own proprietary products which include marinades, rice mixes which are shelf-stable and delivered via pallet to its stores and franchisees quickly and cost-effectively.” 


Healthy & Tasty Brands Corporation (GRLT) owns two brands, GRILLiT and Gaucho Ranch


GRILLiT is a growing Latin-Caribbean fusion restaurant concept that marries fast casual to nutritious and healthy food. The company opened its first location in Miami in 2011 and specializes in chef-inspired custom crafted rice bowls, pasta and wraps as well as salads. GRILLiT utilizes domestic growers and delivers healthy cuisine using only fresh proteins, such as never-frozen chicken and Angus beef.


Gaucho Ranch is “tasty 100% natural grass fed beef free of antibiotics, hormones and grain from the South American Pampas of Uruguay. Gaucho Ranch beef is lower in cholesterol, higher in beta-carotene, lower in fat, and higher in Omega 3s, and Vitamin E then conventional beef. Our cattle roam the grasslands and graze on all natural pastures as much as they need and in a stress free environment. Our partners in Uruguay are a 100 year old family owned farm where Gauchos are still the traditional caretakers of our animals. This method has been around for centuries, not only in Uruguay but all over the world. It’s as simple as cows eating grass and clovers the way nature intended. It’s better for the environment, better for our families, and it taste delicious.


Expanding operations: Healthy & Tasty Brands Corporation (GRLT) more recent news:


May 1st 2014: Healthy & Tasty Brands Corporation (GRLT) announced a joint venture agreement between one of it’s subsidiary GRILLiT and Miami based Mia Fitness Team LLC to integrate GRILLiT-brand menu items into the catered meals that are served to Mia Fitness Team clients.

Currently, Mia Fitness Team provides 175 to 200 highly nutritious meals each day to its clients.

The Mia Fitness Team and Darian Alvarez have an international audience, and have recently been featured on many reality shows and television programs, including Telemundo, Univision’s Despierta America, America Teve, Azteca and Mega TV. They have also appeared in magazines like Primera Hora (Puerto Rico), Venue Magazine, Mia (Honduras), People en Espanol, and many more. The Mia Team and Darian Alvarez endeavor to promote healthy exercise and a nutritious lifestyle. 

GRILLiT CEO, Ghazi Hajj stated “We hope that this joint venture will help improve our gross revenues by as much as 25% over the next 60 to 90 days.”


April 8th 2014: Expanding operations, Healthy & Tasty Brands Corporation (GRLT) announced the expansion of it’s GRILLiT franchise brand in the State of Nevada. The company sold the Nevada franchise rights for GRILLiT to Texas Expansion Wing Group in exchange for $75,000 cash, plus an ongoing 4% royalty commitment on all gross revenues, and a $12,500 up front fee for each franchised location established in these territories.

Texas Expansion Wing Group have over 26 years experience in the retail and food industry, both as operators and owners.  Their experience ranges from the sale of over 100 franchises for QSR, the opening of over 90 restaurants in Austin, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Laredo, Brownsville, Harlingen, and McAllen, Texas, and owning and operating YUM brands in Mexico.  Their most recent projects include acting as area developers for Hurricane Grill and Wings, one of the fastest growing casual dining concepts in the country, and Dazbog Coffee, which franchises the operation of specialty coffee stores.


April 4th 2014: Expanding operations, Healthy & Tasty Brands Corporation (GRLT) announced it had executed an option agreement granting the exclusive right to a master franchise agreement for the State of California. The agreement calls for the total purchase price of $125,000 cash, plus the right to receive a 4% royalty commitment on all gross revenues, and a $12,500 up front fee for each franchised location established in California.


April 1st 2014: Expanding operations, Healthy & Tasty Brands Corporation (GRLT) announced that it has completed two agreements effective as of March 28, 2014 for the sale of GRILLiT master franchise rights in the States of Texas and Arizona in exchange for $200,000 cash, plus an ongoing 4% royalty commitment on all gross revenues, and a $12,500 up front fee for each franchised location established in these territories.


March 11th 2014: Healthy & Tasty Brands Corporation (GRLT) announced it had executed a Franchise Representation Agreement with a franchise sales consultant group based in Florida to attract potential franchisees of the GRILLiT brand through the end of 2014. Obviously this was a very good move based upon the above mentioned expansion of operations in Nevada, California, Texas and Arizona.


March 6th 2014: Healthy & Tasty Brands Corporation (GRLT) announced it had signed a new franchise agreement for another GRILLiT store location to be located in Nashville, Tennessee making this the second GRILLiT store in the Nashville metropolitan area.


February 3rd 2014: Healthy & Tasty Brands Corporation (GRLT) announced that it has introduced Gaucho Ranch steaks as new menu items. Recently, GRILLiT announced that has commenced its supply agreement with Natura Foods, LLC, the exclusive distributor of “Gaucho Ranch” branded South American natural and organic grass-fed beef (announced December 19, 2013).  In addition, the Company acquired a 10% equity stake in Natura Foods. The agreement and equity participation are part of the company’s overall strategy to form strategic alliances with complimentary companies in the natural foods sector that accelerate the Company’s objective of creating a state of the art, premium, fast casual dining chain.


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